A brief glance at several WTB Moto Tec clamp-on grips. is provided here for your perusal.

Specs and construction

I’ve been using gripshift for such a long time that I’d forgotten how long standard grips are, and these grips looked to be on the long-ish side, even for regular grips. I’ve been using gripshift for so long that I’ve forgotten how long conventional grips are.

WTB Moto Tec Clamp-on Grips ReviewWTB Moto Tec Clamp-on Grips Review

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Best WTB MotoTec Clamp-On Grips

Does what it’s supposed do – Like the title says, these grips do what they’re supposed to do: clamp on without slipping. took off a star because I’d prefer a thicker grip with more padding, but a thin grip might be a plus for some people.

The grips are made using a plastic skeleton that is attached to the underside of the grip and is entirely covered by the rubber grip.

Each grip and plug weighs 49g.

In order to tighten the two clamp-ons that are located at both ends of the grip, two allen head wrenches will be required.

General Impressions

I trimmed them to the appropriate length using a hacksaw with fine teeth so that I could use them with my grip shifters. Taking this detour resulted in my receiving just one clamp-on rather than the two clamp-ons I had anticipated receiving. Despite this, they were simple to install and provided a secure hold on the bar once they were in place. Because of the plastic skeleton, the grips displayed very little movement on the shifter side, which alleviated a worry of mine about the amount of movement the grip would have without the second clamp-on.

These grips are pretty thin, which works well if you have hands that are on the smaller side. I could tell there was less padding on these gloves compared to my Ourys, but I didn’t have any problems with my hands during any of the rides or the race, and the fact that they were smaller than my other gloves seemed to help with my technical riding, especially when I was manoeuvring the front end. When I was in the midst of my most recent race, there was an unexpected thunderstorm that dropped a lot of water on the course, and the clamp-on mechanism kept its grip. This came in extremely handy.

The good

  • Narrow width for small hands.
  • Nice pattern for gripping.
  • Plastic exo skeleton provides some stability if trimming.
  • Clamp-on mechanism holds tight in wet weather but still allows easy removal.


  • They seem to be on the long side which may impact shifter placement if used stock.
  • Clamp-on mechanism requires two allen wrenches at a time. This could be a problem on the trail if riding alone with just a multi-tool.
  • Like all clamp-on grips they are not weight weenie approved.