While riding on a stationary bicycle trainer is a terrific method to enhance your bike abilities and performance, it may also be more enjoyable to explore the world outside the trainer every once in a while. If you are set on going on a bicycle excursion, you should make it a point to choose a route that is similar to the one used by the Corps of Discovery. You will have the unique chance to walk in the footsteps of the great explorers Meriwether Lewis and William Clark if you choose to hike the historic Lewis and Clark route. This trail is really one of a kind. The Missouri and Columbia rivers are followed rather closely by the cycling route. The journey consists of gravel roads, unpaved raw rail lines, bike lanes, and paved roadways all at various points throughout its length. You will be better prepared for challenging racing contests if you face a variety of situations.

Riding Trails Is Different From Riding A Bicycle Trainer

You will ride with your entire focus for a couple of hours per day, a few days per week on a stationary bicycle trainer in the comfort of your own home. Because you will be at home, you will not have any trouble getting food or drink at any time. On the other hand, bicycle tours are not the same as other kinds of vacations since you won’t be familiar with the terrain and won’t have any idea where you’ll get food and drink along the way. The Lewis and Clark trek is unique due to the fact that the whole path is difficult, with rocky roads and few conveniences along the way. If you want to finish riding on the path, you need to carefully plan out how many miles you will ride each day.

Lewis & Clark Trail

You will travel through a number of states as you make your way south along the Lewis and Clark Trail, beginning in Illinois and ending in Montana. If you are someone who is interested in history, you will discover that the path becomes more interesting as you visit the many museums and informative centres that are located along the route. It is possible that snow may greet you when you arrive in the Rocky Mountains; thus, you should take the current weather into consideration before beginning your trip. Riding outside is quite different from cycling on a stationary bicycle trainer since you have to contend with headwinds and tailwinds as you ride along the historical path. This trail is modifiable, so you may take your own route across it, and there are many different ways to bypass some stages.