When it comes to mountain bikes, the brand “Haro” is one of the few remaining ancient warhorses in the industry. Since 1978, they have established a formidable reputation in this industry. These bicycles are not only fashionable and dependable, but they have also garnered the appreciation of millions of cycling fans from all over the world. The mettle of the Haro bikes has been tested on gravel, in muddy parks, and on some of the roughest terrain in the whole planet. City bikes, customised street cruisers, all-terrain rough bikes, and revolutionary beach bikes are just a few of the many types of bikes that fall under the Haro brand umbrella.

The most current designs, which were released not too long ago, have astounded everyone because of their incredible versatility on any and all terrains. You will have the finest experience possible over all terrains if you choose the “All Mountain free ride” range. This series was developed specifically for use on all-mountain trails, as seen by its very capable tyres and versatile suspension.

NEW Haro Flightline 24 Pink Pink Girls Hardtail Mountain Bike

Haro Shift R5 Full Suspension Mountain Bike size 16″

New Haro Xeon MTB Frame Suspension 16″ Monarch 3.1

Haro X2 Extreme Mountain bike

Vintage 1992 Haro Extreme mountain bike elevated stays 17.5″ Bicycle Shimano 

Haro Wing Strut 31.8 x 150mm x 30d quill mountain bike stem 1 1 8″ New Old Stock

XC Trail and XC Sport have just the right combination of parts for extreme racing urban jumping sports. High pressure tyres, sporty frame, 21 gear pattern, double sided disc brakes and a dolphin tail saddle makes the attributes very comfortable for all the Pro-Street stuff. 650B and 29er are some of the other new models meant for street mountain side stunts. Some of the older categories that were frequently used for Mountain biking are Metro, Comfort and Cruiser.

Every single model range has a different set of attributes to make the mountain biking experience a perfect nostalgia. Lightweight frames, special spring suspensions and round stainless steel disc brakes are some of the astounding features of other older versions. Haro Bikes have made a special place in everyone’s heart which is the sole reason of its existence till date.