I’m a huge sap when it comes to the pretties and gadgets for bicycles. It’s not hard to locate folks who are willing to assist fund my habit, which is a relief.

These are the Slap & Wrap pant leg bands from CycleAware. They are pretty nice luminous cuffs that protect my pant legs from getting caught in the chain of my cycle. Brilliant! They are always at the place I need them to be when I need them since I can stow them on the frame of my bike. It would seem that you are able to purchase them at Team Estrogen. Oh, the joy of gifts to put in stockings!

Top 3 Funny And Useful Birthday Gifts For Bikers in 2022 (With Photos)Top 3 Funny And Useful Birthday Gifts For Bikers in 2022 (With Photos)

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✅ Best Lumens Super Bright LED USB Bike Lights

Great bike light for added safety – This light is just what you needed to see well in the dark hours of the night. It is easy to install and has a great looking secure mounting harness. It’s very easy to operate and has terrific daytime lighting features as well. This light does the job they intend it to do. The bright wide beam is perfect, giving you the confidence.

Top 3 Funny And Useful Birthday Gifts For Bikers in 2022 (With Photos)Top 3 Funny And Useful Birthday Gifts For Bikers in 2022 (With Photos)

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✅ Best Road Bicycle Helmets With USB Rechargeable Rear Light

Awesome helmet!!! – Amazing. Love it. Light as a feather. Highly recommend. The LED light is amazing too. The safety light at rear of helmet is clearly a nice feature with multi-lighting options, including solid, flashing, and rotating red.

Top 3 Funny And Useful Birthday Gifts For Bikers in 2022 (With Photos)Top 3 Funny And Useful Birthday Gifts For Bikers in 2022 (With Photos)

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✅ Best Half Finger Shock-Absorbing Bicycle Gloves

Great gloves for arthritic hands – Really nice fabric/material! Go on easily and come off easily due to the loops on two of the fingers. The Velcro closure gives a snug fit without being tight or constricting . You needed gloves which would helps you to grip when hands get sweaty, and these gloves are perfect, very comfortable.

(On a side note, it’s been challenging to keep those Slap and Wraps out of the hands of the guys. There are some crazy things going on. On the other hand, they have been amused for a considerable amount of time.)

I hope you have a wonderful birthday! I couldn’t believe my good fortune when I won this handcrafted bike belt that was fashioned here here in the lovely state of Montana by Cindy Larson. It pairs really well with my pants and my sweater from Harlot Wear that says “Be Fabulous. Ride Bikes.” You may get the belts at Amazon. Beginning a collection of these adorable infants dressed in Cindy’s carefully chosen fabrics is a breeze and can be done very quickly. Tartress Anna Visscher has given me her word that additional bike-related gifts will be available shortly for the Christmas season. I pray that you would not lead me into temptation…

Useful Birthday Gifts For Bikers

And then there’s the stationary bike trainer that my husband and I have been keeping an eye out for at a used sports goods shop. In a former incarnation, it most likely assisted some bike racing riders in their pre-race warmup and cooldown routines before a major competition. Now that the winter in Montana has arrived, it will be stored away in our basement while we ride our bikes to save our sanity.

Let me be quite clear: pedalling intervals on a stationary bike does not make me feel euphoric. I’d much rather be outside, breathing in some fresh air and sunlight, biking up some actual hills, and seeing the light shift over the mountains. When the wind is cold and the snow is thick, though, the trainer is not such a horrible option for me since I sorely need an endorphin boost.

This Minoura M50 is small, portable, light, and quiet. Thank ya Jesus. Our last bike trainer was so flipping loud that I couldn’t use it while the kids were sleeping, both for the noise it made and for the shouting Husband and I did if we needed to communicate while one of us was using it. Last night, I was able to watch a TED talk while getting in an interval workout.

This trainer got good reviews and seems to be in decent shape. We picked it up for less than half the price of a new one, so I’d say it’s a win. Maybe someday we’ll feel the need for a fancier, flashier trainer, but that’s not today.

More ideas?

Here’s a great song about the magic of biking. Love it!

And a story about Supergirl finally getting bike shorts instead of skivvies!

Yes, the Supergirl undies really are available. But you really don’t need the costume if you’ve living a Supergirl existence, right?

Lastly, here’s some bike love you can slap on your skin when the mood suits, without regret years later. Fantastic temporary bike love tattoo for $5 from Tattly.

Setting My Compass This Week

— Starting most mornings with some little bit of movement. My brain is so much happier when it gets a shot of exercise first thing. It pulls my head out of hamster mode, and I can focus (mostly) on what matters instead of panic about getting it all done.

— Getting a handle on this big thing that’s been brewing in my head for a few days. Women. Exercise. Power.

— Clearing off one small horizontal surface in my house each day rather than doing several and getting resentful. I know, where’s the sport in that?

What’s your world revolving around this week?