Nutcase Helmet

Is asking for an adequate bike helmet too much to expect? I am a mother of three sons and I am 40 years old. I don’t need to appear like a streetwise skateboarding hipster or an aerodynamic time trial marvel. It would be ideal if the protection of the skull could be combined with some element of flair.

Stylish And Innovative Cycling Helmets Suitable For All In 2022 (With Photos)Stylish And Innovative Cycling Helmets Suitable For All In 2022 (With Photos)

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Best Nutcase, Street Helmet

Great bike helmet – Nutcase helmet was purchased for MIPS & multifunction use, biking, unicycle, and roller blading. Perfect on your skull, its comfortable and adjustable.

Enter Nutcase helmets. They give off the impression of being stylish and having a good sense of humour in addition to that. Your skull may be designed to resemble a watermelon, an 8-ball, the head of a crash test dummy, or it can have a great vintage style. I cannot fathom a scenario in which children would not beg for them. According to customer reviews, they are quite comfortable, can be worn in either summer or winter, and are reasonably priced (about $50).

I’m putting down a few bucks every week so that I may get one of them and wear it on my head this coming summer. Hey, you’ll have no trouble finding me in a crowded room!

Hövding Helmet

Stylish And Innovative Cycling Helmets Suitable For All In 2022 (With Photos)
Spot the helmet? It’s there. Photo from Hövding.

Holy smokes!

Check out the helmet alternative from Hovding that was developed over the course of six years by designers Anna Haupt and Terese Alstin so that fashionable riders wouldn’t have to choose between maintaining their gorgeous hair and being safe. Definitely pushes the boundaries of the typical design limits, including the inclusion of a black box that can capture information for ten seconds in the event of an accident. Make sure you watch the crash test video at the very end.

However, there is always a cost associated with fashion. This innovative device has an estimated price tag of $446, although it is not yet on the market.

I can’t wait to find out what the people who oppose wearing helmets think of this new development.

Thanks to Amusing Planet for the story.

Beret Helmet

I’m all for stylish riding. Here’s one person’s attempt at a more fashion-forward helmet design. No plans for full-scale production. I wonder if people would actually go for this?

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