Or maybe you just want to communicate to your scale that the two of you shouldn’t spend all of your time together.

The fact that success is measured only by a single metric is one of the most significant issues plaguing today’s fitness culture. Consider the fact that our weight is the primary factor on which we base our evaluation of our bodies. Every single one of these programs, from weight-loss reality shows to “miracle” diets, centers on the goal of shedding unwanted pounds.

Where does the problem lie with this picture? There is no way to quantify the beneficial effects that being stronger will have on your body. Where is the scale that can measure the excitement of an energizing day, a beautiful bike ride with your favorite person, or the rush of seeing a gorgeous sunset when out for a stroll in the evening?

If you’re prepared to take a chance on lifetime fitness, you’re going to need these additional yardsticks to help keep you motivated when the scale gives you a dirty look. In addition, it will. I had been losing weight steadily for about six months when I suddenly found myself at a standstill. Despite the fact that I was jogging greater distances and more often than I ever had in my life, I was unable to make any progress with my weight.

I worked out more intensely. I put on a sour face. I complained about it to my spouse. I made a fist and shook it at both the scale and the sky. Nada.

That’s When I Ditched The Scale

I became aware that the remainder of the exercise, in terms of progress, was going swimmingly. My quadriceps were strong, and my abdominal muscles were defined. I was back to wearing the things I had worn before becoming pregnant, and I felt amazing.

Therefore, I decided to quit keeping track of my weight and instead concentrate on the positive aspects of my life. This is the fundamental principle of New Numbers Fitness.

Taking the previous measures, putting them away in a secure location, and putting them out of your mind for a time should be your teeny-tiny task for the day if you are interested in trying out this new method of getting in shape.

After you have been working out on a consistent basis for approximately a month at a level that is reasonable for you, we are going to look at the previous figures again so that you can see objectively that the improvement you are experiencing is true. But I don’t want you to make the mistake of thinking that your value is based on the number that appears on the scale every day or every week.

Some Old Numbers To Consider Today: