My spouse installed studded winter tyres on my bike, and ever since then, a good portion of each day is spent by me contemplating how I might fit in a ride. All I need is twenty to thirty minutes of your time. Is it such a terrible idea?

I had absolutely no luck getting out to bike yesterday, and the inability to do so almost brought me to tears. The sky was crystal clear, and the sun was shining, so the day promised to be spectacular. However, in order to be ready for a visit from relatives, we went into hyper-cleaning mode. If I could only keep the home tidy, then I’d have more time to go riding. It seems like the motivation I’ve been seeking for to concentrate on maintaining a regular cleaning schedule may have finally presented itself to me.

Enjoy Your Bike Ride

I rolled out of bed at around six in the morning and made the executive decision to go to the gym before anybody else in the house got up and need a hug, breakfast, or just my complete and undivided attention. Since the birth of my first child about a decade ago, it has been difficult for me to find the time to exercise, but I am gradually getting back into the swing of things. After completing a solid upper-body exercise on the elliptical trainer that consisted of intervals lasting 35 minutes, I opted against doing an upper-arm weight circuit. I did have visitors, after all! Imagine my astonishment when I returned home at around 7:30 and saw that everything was black and quiet. Oh, well.

Following the completion of breakfast and the washing up of the dishes, my husband granted me permission to go shopping for the wool base layer that I had been hankering for as of late. Because I homeschool my three sons, I don’t have a great lot of time to go shopping, so receiving this was a wonderful surprise. Did you see me grab the keys and make a break for it to the store? Nope. Rather than that, I grabbed my helmet and the bike.

It was a bright and beautiful day, the wind wasn’t too bad, and the roads were fairly clear, but I just HAD to go out there and exercise. Despite the fact that my quadriceps were certainly fatigued from the exercise only four hours before, it doesn’t matter. For a lovely half an hour, it was just me, the road, and my bike. (It’s around 10 kilometres.) Lotsa hills made it a struggle, to be sure, and I’m discovering that there isn’t much of a “whee!” element while I’m monitoring the road so carefully for ice, but the delight of being out in the fresh air and rolling along makes it so wonderful. Lotsa hills made it a task.

Can I get an amen?