I’m so sheltered!

 photo by Amsterdamize

The things I don’t know about because I’m a girl. Honestly . . .

Rokjesdag In Amsterdam

I went to Amsterdamize today and found out that because of the recent nice weather in Amsterdam, the author is quite excited about Rokjesdag. Rokjesdag is a custom that respectable Dutchmen observe in a discreet but sincere manner.

Meaning Of Rokjesdag

In his remarks from the previous year, “‘Rokjesdag’ means ‘Skirts Day’. Also known as “Short Skirts Day.” To put it in its most literal form, “Little Short Skirts Day.” This was a day that was once declared by a Dutch author and it was beautifully described by that author. It is the day when ladies all around the world take off their stockings and pantyhose and go out into the world with their legs exposed.”

The Rokjesdag Phenomenon

This phenomena now leaves me more amused than upset, which is a clear sign that my age is catching up to me. Do you guys get pumped up over this stuff? The feminist in me can’t help but wonder whether women celebrate the first day that males are allowed to go out in public wearing shorts with a holiday of their own. Short sleeves? Shirtless? Okay, but you should probably keep the clothes on.

Even though we’ve had a few nice days here recently as well, it’s really snowing outside right now. It’s possible that I ought to make the effort to track down the skirts that are appropriate for wearing while biking in order to ensure that I am ready to do the civic duty of exposing some leg when the weather is warmer.