Mace Gear is a manufacturer of reasonably cost and high-quality cycling apparel, much of it is aimed at the freeride, downhill, and urban subsets of the mountain bike market. And with a product range that covers everything from helmets to protective padding to sweatshirts, the Norco-owned brand is a mainstay at many riding places north of the 49th parallel (that’s in Canada for those of you who won’t look it up), thanks to the breadth of its product offering.

The Mace Ignition shorts are constructed out of 330D nylon, a material that is both long-lasting and sturdy and is designed to resist the kinds of harsh conditions that many riders ‘love’ during the winter. The Ignition shorts include a ‘hydrophobic’ lining, which is designed to ‘wick’ water away from your skin and keep you a bit more comfortable on those really wet days. This lining is one of the features that make the Ignition shorts unique.

You’ll have a ride-ready short that should keep you going through rainy winters and cold spring mornings if you combine these fundamental characteristics with some well-placed zipped pockets and appropriate adjustments to properly cinch up the waist.

The good.

The material that is used for the outer shell of the Mace Ignition short is one of my favorite features since it is long-lasting and stands up well in the mud and dirt that is usually on the trails in the Pacific Northwest. This is one of the reasons why I enjoy the shorts so much. And when the rain is really coming down and you know you’re going to get soaked, it’s nice to know that the lining of the shorts will keep the water away from your skin and keep you comfortable for the majority of your ride, even though you know you’re going to get soaked. And when the rain is really coming down.

You should bear in mind that there are very few pieces of clothing that will keep you completely dry when you are out riding in the rain; even if you wear these shorts, you will still get wet.

The shorts include a compression strap-like fitting system, similar to what you may see on a hydration pack or a backpack, for those of you who are on the fence about which size to purchase. They fit very well overall. My waist size is 32 inches, and although I normally wear bottoms that are a size medium, I decided to get a pair of large Ignition shorts even though I normally wear a size medium because they felt a little bit better when I was trying them on, and it’s so easy to cinch them up and keep them from sliding down. My waist size is 32 inches.

And in this manner, all I have to do in order to take an additional burger home with me from the weekend barbecue is undo the compression strap, and I’ll be good to go.

Additionally, I liked how the shorts had two large zippered pockets on the front of the waistband. Because they are not only water-resistant but also simple to put on and take off while riding, you will be able to swiftly stow your gloves in the event that you get overheated during the ascent. Although I never really used the other pockets while riding, the other two front pockets often carried my keys when I was resting after a wonderful day in the saddle. I never really utilized the other pockets when riding.

The bad.

Despite the fact that there were a few aspects of the Mace Ignition shorts that upset me, I would say that they provide a fair value for the recommended retail price of $89 Canadian dollars. The stitching is adequate, but there were a significant number of loose ends and a few visibly botched stitches, which caused me to be a bit apprehensive about the product’s capacity to withstand daily use over the long run. In the end, the stitching wasn’t a huge concern, despite the fact that I sometimes get feedback about the presence of orphaned threads.

The fact that the hydrophobic lining has a propensity to hook up on velcro-style attachments, which may be an issue if you wear any kind of knee protection while you bike, is more relevant. I found that the Mace Dirt Jump knee pads caused some significant abrasion on the liner after only a couple of rides, so I wouldn’t recommend using these two items together unless you’re looking for premature wear. However, if you are looking for premature wear, then you should use these two items together.

The Roach Rally leg armor performed somewhat better, but when I put it on, I had to be very cautious about where I positioned the straps and how I pulled the armor over my head.


Riders who are seeking a short that is pretty well constructed, sturdy, and will last for at least a few seasons may consider purchasing the Mace Ignition short. It is an excellent choice for riding in wet and chilly weather. They have a nice design, a great fit (although you might want to consider getting a size larger if you normally wear a medium), and despite the fact that they can get a little warm when the temperature rises, they will be able to handle the trails in the wet and muddy East Coast as well as the trails in the Pacific Northwest with ease.