Don’t pass judgement on bib shorts until you’ve given them a shot of your own regardless of what you think of them.

I am aware that at the moment we are putting more of our attention on the mountain biking aspect of things, but if you are going to experiment with anything new this year in terms of the apparel you wear on race day, I highly recommend that you try out a pair of high-end bib shorts. The Louis Garneau Airstream Bib shorts retail for $199 USD, which places them squarely in the premium price range of the market; nonetheless, you will not find a bib of a greater quality anywhere else.

Louis Garneau Men's Cycling Shorts ReviewLouis Garneau Men's Cycling Shorts Review

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Best Louis Garneau Mens Cycling Shorts

Tried and true. Properly made and always excellent value. – Got what you paid for. Thank you. Excellent bib shorts. preferred version 2 for the better belly support lol.. but version 3 has grippers AND power and on the legs. Haven’t seen ANY reviews on these yet but they are significantly different than the previous version.. still has the awesome fit, feel and polish of LG apparel though. Thanks!

The Good

The Airstream Bibs provide an experience that defies belief in terms of comfort. When you wear lycra shorts, your shirt has a tendency to slip up, exposing your back and stomach. This is one of the things that most people find bothersome about wearing lycra shorts. This strikes me as both silly and awkward to do at the same time. When you wear bib shorts, the cloth reaches up and over your shoulders to keep everything in place for the duration of your ride. Bib shorts are designed specifically for cyclists.

Your muscles will be able to move more freely if you wear just a thin layer of clothes throughout the race. In addition, unlike when you wear baggy shorts, you won’t have to worry about the loose fabric being caught on your saddle.

So, what sets the Airstream Bibs apart from the competition? When I claim that these shorts are the most technologically sophisticated shorts that have ever been manufactured, I’m not exaggerating at all. The interior found inside the Airstreams resembles something that would be seen at the offices of NASA, complete with air channels that run from front to back. These air channels are designed to increase the flow of air and cool down certain crucial regions.

Garneau’s Alveo and Ergotex fabric is utilised in the construction of the 10-panel shorts. This simply means that the shorts are breathable and provide good muscle support, both of which contribute to a reduction in the amount of muscle fatigue experienced. The shorts are available in sizes ranging from extra small to XX-Large, and they are made of a sticky material that ensures they will stay in place on your legs regardless of the size you choose.

The Bad

Other than the price tag there aren’t many things to complain about with the Airstream Bib Shorts.

I guess that the one thing you need to be extremely careful about when it comes to delicate cycling clothing is washing. In order to keep shorts clean and free of bacteria you need to wash them after every ride but doing so can lead to damage. Take it from someone who has wrecked a pair of $160 bib shorts in the past, don’t ever wash expensive shorts together with anything that has zippers or Velcro.

The tightly-woven fabric can snag and tear easily, so wash the shorts separately from your other cycling laundry and then hang them to dry.


. Give these shorts a try. Yes, they’re expensive and, no, they don’t look cool, but they’re extremely comfortable and they will make you faster while racing.

And just a piece of advice: If you do decide to buy a pair of bib shorts, keep them for race-day only. Trust me, your friends don’t need or want to see you that close up. Train with the baggies, race with the not-so-baggies.

Bonus Review: Louis Garneau Triathlon Wheels Gear Bag

Louis Garneau makes a 49-litre Triathlon bag (MSRP $60 usd) and a 78-litre version called the Triathlon Wheels (MSRP $90 usd), making it almost as big as a hockey bag.

I’m currently testing the Triathlon Wheels, which is excellent for traveling because there’s room to carry enough gear for a few days of riding. With its extending handle and bottom-mounted wheels that are similar to those found on traditional luggage, the bag is clearly designed for use by long-distance travelers.

The bag has got room for everything, with two spots for water bottles, a separate, removable bag for your wet gear and a fold-out mat that gives you something to stand on while you’re getting ready to ride.

Everyone needs a good gear bag, but not everyone needs a bag this big. If you’re looking for a bag to throw in your car and carry your gear for a single ride, stick with the smaller Triathlon bag or something similar. But if you spend any time in airports, spend the extra money and get the bigger version. If you do opt for the larger bag, you’ll likely find that you still need a smaller bag for day-use.