Cannonballs equipped with handles are my newest and most prized acquisition.

I’ve been on the hunt for quick and effective exercises that would improve both my appearance and how I feel about myself, and I believe I’ve hit the jackpot with kettlebells.

Weightlifting Beginner Girls

I have been aware for some time that I need to begin lifting weights, but the very concept of doing so makes me want to squirm. The words “weight lifting” bring to mind pictures of muscled, sweaty, leering men who are attempting to start up a conversation with my ta-tas. This is despite the fact that I make an effort to be an open-minded lady.

Call it bias. I’m more interested in clever and humorous people.

As I go more into the area of paleo and primal living, I keep hearing that it’s important to be able to carry big items. Full-body exercise is recommended, according to the notion, in order for us to reestablish a connection to our genetic potential, which does not include looking at a computer and pressing keys. If early humans were forced to pull, push, and drag heavy items in order to survive each day, then maybe we should do the same.

When I factored in the fact that I had just learned that lifting weights causes the production of hormones that are effective in reducing feelings of exhaustion and despair, I was certain that I had found the solution to my problem.

Because I’ve seen other individuals utilise these basic weights to produce seamless and efficient workouts in constrained settings, I’ve decided to go outside of my comfort zone and give it a try. I do not need a complex piece of equipment, a large number of weights, or a dedicated space. While I’m watching Homeland at home, it just takes me fifteen minutes for me to transform into my tough self.

That’s the logic, at least. The feelings part of this experiment is that I’ve always seen myself as physically weak and inferior, and doing these workouts is rewiring my image of myself. I can feel the strength in my shoulders and back as I lift this blob of steel. Energy pulses through me as my body moves in graceful motions.

I don’t have to doubt myself. I’m doing it.

After just three weeks of using these, I can see the difference in my legs, backside and arms. Pretty decent returns for a minimal investment!

I’m starting my kettlebell adventure with some YouTube videos, and I’m hoping to connect with some kettlebell lovers locally to get some additional tips and share the love.

My favorite kettlebell videos so far:

  • fundamentals with technique tips
  • basic 6-stage circuit
  • quick 12-minute workout

Cavetats, ipso factos, and clarifications: Am I saying that you should run out and get kettlebells? Nope. People vary, and this working for me right now. Always do what feels best for you.