The wind is howling and the snow is blowing here in Bozeman, which means that now is the ideal opportunity to catch up on winter riding blogs that you may have missed.

Treehugger has done an excellent job promoting winter riding with their article on Boulder’s annual “Winter Bike to Work” day, which took place this week. Additionally, they published advice on winter riding that was picked up by Huffington Post’s website. This week, Chicago also had its “Winter Bike to Work” day, which was a celebration of the coldest day that has ever been recorded in the history of the city of Chicago, which occurred in 1985. Back then, I called one of the suburbs on the outskirts of Chicago home.

Reading the encouraging posts on Dottie and Trish’s excellent blog, Let’s Go Ride a Bike, gave me the confidence to ride my bike throughout the colder months. Since they make winter riding appear doable and oh-so-beautiful, I now check in there practically every day because of how inspiring it is.

Go, go winter bikers!