There are others who would consider that bike to be excessive. It would be like indulging in something you know you shouldn’t.

I’m A Practical Girl Who’s Prone To Flights Of Fancy.

There are two and a half motorcycles in my possession. They are incredibly practical and long-lasting, and I have benefited much from using them. My almost 15-year-old (Who’s counting?) Jamis Durango has been converted into my current commuting bike. Because of this, I am able to transport Monkey Boy and his Trail-A-Bike all around town without having to worry about causing any damage or getting any dirt on them. It is a stalwart performer. My second bike is a women’s specialty road bike designed by Felt called the Z40. It is light, it is quick, and it fits me like a glove. This is the thing that will set me free. In addition to that, my spouse and I ride a Motobecane mountain bike together.

The truth is that I reside two miles outside of town, where there are a few hills of a respectable size. I’m a mother to three little sons, all of them are males. Any bicycle that I purchase has to be extremely durable and have more than three gears. Regarding my bicycle, I am all set.

But I can’t help but fantasise about riding around on a stunning Dutch bike with a step-through frame and a chic basket. I take flowers with me while I ride across town on it while wearing stylish shoes and a skirt and the wind is flowing over my hair. In particular, I don’t have to go someplace in a hurry while I’m biking to the coffee shop since I don’t have anywhere else to be. ((For an example of this in action, see Amsterdamize.))

The good thing is that if I have the feeling that I need to check in with my dream, all I have to do is go over to the nearest bike store. My go-to spot for buying a bike in the neighbourhood is Chalet Sports, where you can get stunning Electra models like this Alexander Girard “Tree of Life” number. They also allowed me to test ride them. Without charge.


I’m not going to give you a real review of this bike. I can tell you that it has a steel frame, a 3-speed internal hub, coaster brakes with a backup hand brake, simple rubber pedals, a rear rack with an elastic strap, and a halogen headlight with generator. The steel frame is hefty, and it’s not as if the chain and skirt guards say “speed.” The shifting and turning are very smooth, and I just love riding it through town.

It’s the details that really steal my heart on this baby. Check out the beautiful skirt guard and seat. See the design on the bell and hand grips? It’s just a stunner from one end to the other. I’m sure there those who would take a pass on it because it’s too frilly, but given the level of testosterone in my house, I find I need some pretty things.

For now, I’ll stick with what I have, since I am at heart a practical girl. But when my dreams take flight, look out. I’ll be the one with the flowers.