This evening will consist of myself, a drink that was invented by my hubby, and the Terry catalogue. I am utterly blown away by the cycling fashion industry and their willingness to forego the use of padded shorts in favour of embracing the more glamorous part of riding. Hooray!

This is the list of things I want. I really wish I could provide you with evaluations about this material. A girl may dream . . .

To begin, let me just say that these cycle pumps are smoking hot (I know, I know!). And is optimised in every way for pedalling. Bless you, Merrell.

Patagonia now offers outfits that are bike-friendly! I could see myself living in them for the whole summer. Please give me one of each hue.

Oh, the T-shirts (which can be found here and here). I need another one like I need a Krispy Kreme, but this could be enough to get me to cave in to temptation.

The majority of jackets may only get points for their utilitarian and technical elements, such as strategically positioned pockets. My heart skips a beat whenever I think about how flexible the Chrysalis dress is. Applause for Nau design!

One of the items that I have been hankering for is a mesh short-sleeved jersey from the previous year, which I seen in many catalogues from the previous year. The new colours don’t do anything for me. If someone could build something comparable, but not in pink or purple, that would be great. Could you, if you please?

Bonus 1: Favorite Bike Shoes On Sale

Chic Cycling Ideas For Cyclists: Gears, Shoes, Clothing And Outfits 2022Chic Cycling Ideas For Cyclists: Gears, Shoes, Clothing And Outfits 2022

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Best Dual Cleat Compatible Road Cyclist Shoes

COMFORTABLE – High quality cycling shoe – really impressed. Great material and build. Durable synthetic leather upper hugs your foot for all day comfort, while ventilated mesh portions help to cool your feet with ease.

I really don’t need biking shoes.


Tell me again.

I just got some last fall, following the wisdom of friends who told me that they really do make biking easier. But now I want these.

I’ve loved Keens for years, and I think I had four pair at one point. They’re comfy, funky, and durable.

And now, they make bike shoes. Altrec has them now, on sale for just less than $80 for most sizes.

Just another thing to admire from afar . . .

Bonus 2: Bike Basket Gear Lust

Chic Cycling Ideas For Cyclists: Gears, Shoes, Clothing And Outfits 2022Chic Cycling Ideas For Cyclists: Gears, Shoes, Clothing And Outfits 2022

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Best Detachable, Multi-Purpose Bicycle Handlebar Basket

Such a great basket. Highly recommend – A really great product which is easy to fit and remove. It has an excellent selection of open and zipped pockets for storage and is sturdy and lightweight. It’s easy to store as it collapses flat – a real advantage ,where space is limited. It also doubles as a shopping bag when necessary. A very good buy, highly recommended.

Not the most practical basket I’ve seen, but it’s a design knockout. It’s cut out of a single piece of metal, which makes full use of the metal plus saves on shipping. There’s also a rear basket design. Made in USA from locally sourced materials. Order from

Bonus 3: Bike Earring Bling

Oh, baby. Gots to have me some of these. From tart in Bozeman, MT and handmade by Tina Halvorson. Tartress Anna says she’s got more of these darlings, and she can ship ’em. More views and ordering here.

I’ve made it to the bottom of my cocktail, so I guess that means it’s time for goodnight. A happy weekend, everyone!

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