It breaks my heart to provide negative feedback. It seems to reason that if a writer and a publisher have expended the effort and resources necessary to bring a book to market, there must be some aspect of the text that makes it worthwhile to read. Notsomuch.

Don’t get me wrong. The majority of the previous novels that Chelsea Green has produced are fantastic, but I was disappointed by this one. It’s not well structured, it wanders all over the place, and it attempts to cover way too much ground in such a little volume. When you look at it this way, it’s almost as if the author was repeating, “Oh wait! I’ve just had another idea about it! “after which they tossed it in. Even though there are some fantastic tales, there aren’t enough of them to keep the reader amused along the way.

Book Review

I have no doubt that the author, Rory McMullan, possesses a wealth of knowledge on the subject of bike commuting; however, in his attempt to cover all the bases, he ended up muddying the waters to such an extent that I fear some new cyclists might think the matter was too complicated, and therefore give up on cycling.

If you are seeking for advice on how to commute to work by bike, you will be much better served by reading a cycling blog that you love. This will provide you the information that you are looking for. You will have the opportunity to see, on a day-to-day basis, how a real-life cyclist deals with a wide variety of issues, such as selecting a bike, coping with hot or cold weather, enduring rude drivers, determining the most efficient route from their house to their place of employment, selecting gear, and a great deal more. You may even be able to leave comments on the blog and get a prompt response from the author of the site, which is even better. My suggestions for blogs may be found on the page under “Bliss Chick Reads.” Let’s Go Ride a Bike is without a doubt my favourite, despite the fact that.

The only positive thing I can say about Biking to Work is that it does offer some solid data. That’s all I can say. Websites and blogs might be the greatest approach to find out what’s occurring this year and in your area since many of those figures are subject to change on an annual basis.

There. I’m done. Now, I’m working on tracking down a copy of Bicycle Diaries, the book written by David Byrne. Ahhh . . .