Note that I only write evaluations of products that I consider to be either excellent or terrible. This is just so that I may assist other people in acquiring practical, high-quality equipment or in avoiding purchasing goods that they will come to regret. My reviews always reflect my honest, personal judgement. But as much as I’d want to believe that some firm would try to woo me with promises of magnificent necessary things or payoffs for a positive write-up, the truth is that I’m simply not a participant in that game. My anonymity is to your advantage.

It’s chilly here in Big Sky Country; that’s the one thing we can definitely say we have going for us. Even during the summer, when I go for rides first thing in the morning, I have to wear thin gloves to keep my fingertips from becoming numb, so you can be sure that I have all the necessary winter gear.

It’s not too difficult to keep your legs and body warm, particularly when you start moving about, but keeping your face toasty is an altogether other story.

Winter Cycling Gear

The balaclava, which is often composed of black fleece, has been the go-to solution for facial protection for many years. Even while I’m all for channelling my inner ninja, there’s really no need for me to dress the part. Due to the fact that fleece has a propensity to absorb scents like a terrier, I’ve pretty much given up on using it altogether. Even if you call me a baby, I don’t believe that I should have to pay the price of having to rebreathe and smell what I’ve just exhaled in order to have a warm face.

3 Best Winter Cycling Gear 2022: The Buff (R) | Outfit, Gloves, And Face Mask3 Best Winter Cycling Gear 2022: The Buff (R) | Outfit, Gloves, And Face Mask

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✅ Best Winter Biking Gear Outfit For Men

Great quality for the price. – Must say they really look cool and padding on the butt area is so comfortable!!! Even riding over bumps you would feel it !!! The only thing is it’s Best to get ur right size am 5 11” and ordered Medium US / large Asia !!! The pants are kinda tight especially the waist area !!! Wish dere was the US large when I ordered !!! Really love the outfit.

3 Best Winter Cycling Gear 2022: The Buff (R) | Outfit, Gloves, And Face Mask3 Best Winter Cycling Gear 2022: The Buff (R) | Outfit, Gloves, And Face Mask

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✅ Best Windproof Reflective Thermal Cycling Gloves for Men

Great mid-weight, cozy gloves! – These fit nice and keep your hands warm incool to cold riding conditions. They also look good 🙂 The touch screen fingertips do work, though it is still awkward to try and use heavy gloves and a phone at the same time. These are about as thick as you can have and still comfortably use the controls on your bicycle.

3 Best Winter Cycling Gear 2022: The Buff (R) | Outfit, Gloves, And Face Mask3 Best Winter Cycling Gear 2022: The Buff (R) | Outfit, Gloves, And Face Mask

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✅ Best Winter Face Mask for Men & Women

Good quality, warm and comfy – Very good product. You had some doubts at first, especially because of the comfort put on with the helmet of the bike, but already wearing it from the first time you feel comfortable in the helmet. Warm enough for night trips with rain on the bike.

I’m also not a fan of the short neck length since it usually leaves a covering gap around my collarbone or at the nape of my neck, and those are two places I want to have covered. Even if I take the time to make sure everything is tucked in before I hit the road, it seems that all it takes is a simple turn of the head or a quick snap of the helmet strap for me to end up with bare flesh exposed. Both chilly draughts and being forced to make impromptu modifications are among my least favourite things.

A wool scarf is the answer to looking smart in this situation. Nice and toasty, free of odour problems, and attractive to boot. It’s probably ideal for some people who ride to work, but I find most scarves to be too thick and difficult to secure properly while I’m riding my bike. Even scarves aren’t much help when it comes to preventing chilly ears. Even though I cycle throughout the winter while wearing a ski helmet that has ear flaps, I still need some more covering.

What is a girl who rides motorcycles to do? Make it your Christmas wish to get a Buff (R) made of merino wool!

A Buff (R) is a tube of cloth that is completely seamless and is intended to be worn in place of a bandana. There is no need to tie a multitude of complicated knots in order to use it as a headband, a scarf, a cap, or a balaclava; the length of the tube determines which of these items may be worn. I’ve been looking at them on Sahalie’s website for years since they are so versatile and have such wonderful designs, but I’ve always decided against purchasing them because I no longer want to purchase synthetic athletic clothing. (An subsequent article will provide more details on that topic.)


Then they came out with a wool version. Some pretty heavy hint-dropping worked in my favor, and I found one under the tree a few weeks back. I’m very, very pleased with the product test results thus far.

The wool is a fine, lightweight knit that fits easily under a helmet and the generous length tucks neatly into a tight collar without bulk. Thanks to the great videos on Sahalie’s site, I was able to turn my Buff (R) into a balaclava in just a few seconds without checking my work in the mirror. The fabric was doubled over across my face, which was perfect on the 25-degree F day. Just enough fresh air cut through to be refreshing, and I was able to adjust it without messing up the arrangement.

At the coffee shop, I was able to take off the balaclava and turn it into a hat with a quick adjustment. No mirror, no pins, no fancy tricks.

At this point, the Buff (R) gets an A+ from me. I’m interested to see how it wears, how it washes up, and how it performs for cross-country and downhill skiing, but I’m one warm and happy girl thus far.

Make sure to take advantage of the coming Amazon Black Friday – Happy shopping fellow cyclists!