Indeed, the best way to store bikes in the garage is to hang them. There are two main options when hanging your bike in the garage: you can either hang it from the wall or the ceiling. Note that each option comes with its own benefits and considerations, and the one you go with will depend on what you need.

Hanging a bike from the wall or ceiling is a great way to de-clutter your garage and arrange multiple bikes without them becoming compromised. Aside from the fact that your bicycle will be out of the way, it will also be less prone to damage.

However, how you decide to hang your bikes will depend on how much space you are working with and how many bikes you intend to store. If you are looking for how best to hang your bicycle on your garage wall to conserve space, it is recommended you proceed with caution.

If you don’t adequately fasten your bike to the garage wall or ceiling, it can fall off. If you intend to hang a child’s bike in the garage, always place it on the wall or a bike stand rather than the ceiling to ensure that the child can access it with ease.

Best Ways to Hang a Bicycle in a Garage

Just as was noted above, there are two main options when hanging your bike in the garage and the one you go with will most often depend on what you want. These two options include;

  1. Hang Your Bike From The Ceiling

If your sole intention is to conserve wall and floor space, then you should consider hanging your bike from the ceiling. Most often, it is advised you hang the bike upside down – hooked by the wheels – so that lifting the bike to and from the ceiling can be more convenient.

Howbeit, note that this method will still need some effort and attention when bringing down or even hanging back your bike. Owing to that, you should be wary of your limits. If you find it difficult to lift your bike, then you should instead hang your bike on the wall.

Notably, before you choose to hang your bike this way, you must make sure your garage door itself won’t interfere in any way. A sectional or traditional up-and-over garage door makes hanging your bike from the ceiling nearly impossible because of the amount of ceiling space they tend to take up, and the way they regularly block roof access.

However, a roller garage door guarantees unrestricted access to the ceiling; therefore, you might want to consider altering your style of garage door to ensure that you can have more space. Aside from the issues with your garage door, there are other things to consider when making arrangements to hang your bike.

You should use heavy-duty hooks that are properly coated in plastic to limit continued scratching, and you should carefully measure the bike to be sure that your ceiling will accommodate it. Also, make sure the hooks are mounted in the correct spots to guarantee that the bike can hang properly from the wheel rims without the bike being lopsided or misaligned.

  1. Hang Your Bike From The Wall

If you are not bothered with conserving space you can – or you are not comfortable with always having to lift the bike to the ceiling every time you need to store it – then you should consider hanging your bike on the wall. This particular option is super ideal if you are looking to store a child’s bike because it is a safer, more convenient storage solution – especially if the child will always have to retrieve and hang the bike themselves.

There are numerous options when it comes to mounting your bike on your garage wall. Howbeit, the particular option you choose will depend on how high you want the bike to be from the floor and how you intend to orient it. It is recommended that you first consider how you intend to use the space and where you will stand when retrieving the bike.

Note that you can conserve floor and room space by mounting the bike with the frame parallel to the wall. Just make sure that the wheels are facing downwards to make retrieving the bike easy. In addition, you will be hanging the bike by the frame, not the wheels; therefore, installing a wall-mounted rack will be ideal and better than just hooks.

You can leverage horizontal bars or even a small, reliable shelf to rest the frame on. Conserve wall space by hanging your bike perpendicular to the wall. While this will most definitely take up more room space, it is perfect if you are hanging more than one bike next to each other or need to store one in a tight space or corner.


How you decide to hang your bicycles in your garage will depend on how much space you are working with and the number of bikes you intend to store. However, note that the perfect system allows you to easily access the bikes when you are going out for a ride and also lets you store the bikes when you are back. If you don’t have a garage or you are short on garage space, there are other ways you can safely store your bike elsewhere.

But regardless of what you do, don’t leave your bike outdoors during harsh weather conditions for long periods. Aside from the fact that it exposes your bike to the possibility of theft, note that rain and snow can easily destroy the metal frame of your bike with corrosive rust.