The Kurt Kinetic Road Machine Fluid Trainer is most likely the most well-known of all of the several types of trainers. Why not, considering that this firm is the United States Cycling Team’s official provider of indoor training equipment? However, what exactly is a trainer? Is it important? It is particularly during the winter months that this may be a barrier to outdoor training for bikers, which can be a challenge for athletes.

Best Tire-Drive Training For Cyclists 2022: Kurt Kinetic Road Machine Fluid Trainer | COVID-19 Home WorkoutBest Tire-Drive Training For Cyclists 2022: Kurt Kinetic Road Machine Fluid Trainer | COVID-19 Home Workout

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✅ Best Kurt Kinetic Road Machine Fluid Trainer

Affordable Smart Trainer with great “road feel” – Well, for starters, the trainer was super easy to setup, just follow the provided instructions: download kinetic fit app, turn on the trainer, pair via Bluetooth to smart phone, connect to app, update firmware, power cycle the trainer, calibrate, done. Using it with Zwift in SIM mode is a whole new experience, super responsive on each terraine incline/decline. Also pretty good on ERG mode for workouts. I’m using an ANT+ dongle connected to the PC for Zwift. Make sure it is properly calibrated prior each training session (with a clean tire, correct tire pressure and roller tension) and you should be good to go.


Instead of being inside a gym, which is where you really are, the Kurt Kinetic Fluid Trainer is meant to make you feel as if you are riding a bike outside on the pavement. When you have this trainer, you won’t need to go out on the road as often since the resistance on this trainer is so close to what you’d experience on the road. For the record, this trainer is capable of producing a resistance of up to 3000 watts. PowerTap calibration was performed on the resistance unit to assure its high level of quality. The lowest level of resistance, which is 20 watts, is nonetheless recommended for easy training.

In addition to being thermodynamically stable and having fluid that is resistant to silicone, it features eighty cooling fins that are particularly good at removing heat from the system. This indicates that the consistency of the silicone fluid will not change regardless of the temperatures that are experienced. Because it is thermodynamically neutral, silicone fluid does not get more viscous as the temperature rises, contrary to the behaviour of other fluids. Because it is a fluid trainer, the Kurt Kinetic Road Machine is incredibly quiet, very smooth, and highly realistic in terms of its ability to simulate the road as well as any other terrain that can be imagined.

The design of the Kurt Kinetic Trainer is one that is sturdy and can withstand a great deal of weight. It is also quite small, so there is no issue with storage space required. It is really silent, and when you use it, it seems not at all like you are on a trainer at all, but rather that you are somewhere else entirely, maybe outside the gym.

An instructional DVD is included with the trainer to assist those who are new to using the Kurt Kinetic Trainer in doing exercises correctly. The DVD includes instructions on how to make efficient use of the equipment, as well as instructions on exercises that may be of use to the rider in his training.


The drawback of this machine is that the trainer can leak, especially when it is old. It also has limited warranty, but the company can repair their machine for a fee, and they do it well because they take pride in their products. The Road Machine has its fluid unit sealed so this is not so much of a threat, but the wear and tear of the product, especially when it is used a lot, can put a toll on the product.

The lime green color can be a bit too much for other riders. This is also for serious athletes, as the Kurt Kinetic Road Machine may be too much for those who are looking for casual riding.

What Others Are Saying About Kurt Kinetic Road Machine Fluid Trainer

This particular Kinetic Trainer is a top-rated trainer according to consumer reports on the net with an average of 4.5 out of 5 on Amazon. Here are a few comments:

“I have had several other trainers of this type that were used by my son and myself for training on Road, Mountain, and Recumbent. This one is the best. From the moment you heft it out of the shipping carton until you set it up you know this is quality and not like all the others. It is BUILT strong.”

“I’ve had my Kurt Kinetic Road Machine since 2001 and it has never leaked. I put an average of 1200 miles per winter on it and it’s always been reliable, relatively quiet, and has a better feel than any non-fluid trainer. The Road Machine Pro has an even heavier flywheel so offers an even better feel, I’d say. The best thing you could do is read the reviews on other sites. Try a couple out at a local bike shop and then buy the best. After all my initial reviews and ongoing knowledge of bike trainers, Kurt was and still is the best”

“I am very happy with the trainer. Most impressively, it is much quieter than my previous mag trainer. I can easily listen to music while riding without the music being so loud it bothers the rest of the family. I ride about 30 minutes a day on it …. it is a great part of a cardiac risk factor prevention program.”

“In short, I’d give the trainer five stars just for the unit itself and what it has added to my training. Adding Kurt’s service and Amazon’s speed, I would rate this product even higher if I could.”

“After years riding MTB, I am new to road biking and indoor training. Did my research and ended up purchasing this trainer because it uses fluid, but has a unique magnetic coupling to prevent future problems with leakage. So far, I am extremely pleased. The unit was easy to set-up, it is very smooth and quiet, and the resistance is very realistic. I highly recommend this product.”

Final Thoughts

The trainer is not assembled when you get to buy it, but it is relatively simple to set up. Overall, the Kurt Kinetic Road Machine is a good trainer and since they have a name to protect, the products from their company are sure of good quality. They also carry a lifetime warranty as a testament to their quality workmanship.