Best Commuter Bike Overall In 2022: Schwinn Traveler III - Features And Review

Schwinn Traveler III

When I woke up yesterday, I never in a million years imagined that after looking for an upright mixte commuting bike for the last three years, I would finally find one. However, here she is in all of her grandeur as a fire engine, and she is all mine.

  • Upright handlebars? Yes.
  • Step-through frame? Yes.
  • Great color? Definitely.
  • Lugs? Simple, but yes.
  • Good condition? Oh, yes!

I held my breath during the test drive, figuring that some glitch would appear, and I’d have to walk away from a dream bike. Again. But everything checked out, over and over again.

Now it’s all mine! I’m completely reveling in the joy of having a simple bike with such lovely lines. It’s always ready to go! No special shoes, no fancy clothes. I love the upright position in traffic, and the bike is so nimble!

What I didn’t expect was the magical sensation of being transported. As soon as I hopped on the bike, suddenly I was a young girl again, cruising along in flip-flops, with the sun and wind in my hair. No pressure, no appointments, no grown-up fretting. Even watching my boy take a turn on it immediately brought me back to my grandparents’ lawn on summer nights, where my cousins and I hitched along on impossibly big bikes.

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Bike therapy comes in different shapes and sizes. When I need to fly above my everyday life, I have my road bike. For gettin’ dirty on gravel, my chunky-tired Wahoo fits the bill. Now, I have a bike that moves at an easy, civilized pace where beauty flows by.

Some thoughtful readers who know goo-gobs more about bikes than I do may feel the need to point out that this isn’t a high-end bike. Please don’t. I’m completely okay with my fun, girly play bike. Since it’s not a collector’s item, I’m looking forward to accessorizing and making it mine.