Giant bikes are probably familiar to anybody who has put in a respectable amount of time on a stationary cycling trainer. Professional riders consistently choose Giant bicycles since the company is the biggest bicycle manufacturer in the world. More than seventy percent of bicycles that are purchased in the United States either wear the name Giant or at least have components that were manufactured by Giant.

The early beginnings of the Taiwanese enterprise Giant may be traced back to 1972, when the company worked as a contract manufacturer. In the beginning, the firm had a difficult time making large sales. Giant had a turning point in its history when it began producing steel bicycles for the dominant brand Schwinn at the time. Later on, Giant had a period of fast expansion, which led to the company being the most successful manufacturer of bicycles and cycling trainers in the world.

Giant Believes In Spending All Time And Energy On Bike and bicycle trainer Manufacturing

Numerous makers of bicycle trainers assemble bicycles by importing components made by other businesses and independent contractors. Giant contends that building a bike from its component parts yields far higher long-term profits than starting with raw materials. The quality of the finished product is ensured by the fact that the firm oversees every stage of the production process. This ensures that there won’t be any third parties that can bring down the quality of the stationary bicycle trainer. Giant’s commitment to this principle has allowed the firm to develop the capacity to produce aluminium and carbon fibre bikes of the best possible quality.


Right from smelting alloys for aluminum bikes and manufacturing carbon fibre sheets, Giant has made sure that the manufacturing process is truly done in Taiwan. Giant sponsors popular international teams like Giant-Shimano and Global Giant Mountain Bike Team.

The company also sponsors various international cycling teams all over the world. When you look closely at the bikes used in major tours such as Tour De France or Giro D’Italia, you will find that top cyclists ride Giant bikes during crucial tour stages.