When the boys were younger, I spent much of the day wishing that I could take a sleep. I mean pining. For only 15 minutes. Pleeeze.

If I was lucky enough to have my much-desired nap, even if it never seemed to be long enough, the fact that I did get it was enough. If I didn’t get it, watch out. Around the time of dinner, there was almost certainly going to be a little tantrum (my).

I’m overjoyed to report that now that I’m in better condition and no longer attempting to escape from weariness and mild sadness, I’m really longing for exercises instead. I’m so very delighted to say this. On some days, it’s not a problem at all, but on other days, it seems as if the whole universe is working against me in my attempt to just sweat a little bit. To throw temper tantrums is something I’m working on, and I believe I’m making some progress. On the other hand, it’s possible that my spouse might disagree.

Moving on . . .

Benefits Of Pining For Workouts

Today, I was able to practise my skate skiing once again in the same location as yesterday. However, this time it was in the afternoon, and I had to load sleds that looked like enormous multicoloured Cheerios and attach them to the top of my vehicle. While I was going through my routine of shuffle, shuffle, and wobble, the children were not far away and were racing down the hill and jumping over obstacles that made them scream with delight. After seeing a few of their runs, I was relieved that I insisted that each wear a ski helmet at all times.

After thirty minutes, I felt like I had a fantastic exercise, kids had a great time, and all of us climbed back into the van with a smile on our faces. Many thanks to everyone who has any say in the matter for making it happen today.

Note: As I was leaving the parking lot today, I spotted a person who had bicycled to the park with a handmade trailer that they used to transport their skis. I found this to be rather interesting. The worst part was that I didn’t even have my camera with me! I really hope I’ll be able to find them and their gear later.